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The best collection of the most implausible, ridiculous, gaudy, or just plain silly original Star Trek characters! :D

"Ensign Sue Must Die!"
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  1. Hi everyone,

    The mod of this blog was away for a week somewhat unexpectedly, but I can assure you that I will get to all of your messages as soon as I have the energy to do so! I have a lot of real-life stuff going on and I’m very tired. Thank you again for your patience!

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  3. Anonymous asked: Hello! This question comes from a perfectionist who is always worried about her FC/OCs being Mary Sues/Gary Stus. Is this a good way to write personality traits? Having 60% good traits and 40% bad traits? Or is there better way to write a character's personality without making them ridiculous? Also, could I have a character with silver hair, or is that too Mary Sueish? ^^; Sorry if this is confusing...

    There’s no magic formula for balancing character traits. The best I can tell you is to observe real people and good characters, and decide what makes them have depth and realism. Real people have a good balance of positives and negatives, although they may struggle from time to time.

    Silver hair, hmm? As long as you have a good reason for it (age, normal species characteristic, etc.), then that’s fine.

  4. Anonymous asked: Are these Mary Sue scenarios: What do you think of a StarFleet cadet visiting a Starship temporarily as part of a special program? What do you think of a child living on a Starship?

    Cadets are often seen on starships! In TOS, they’re the ones wearing the sparkly silver uniforms. I’m not sure how they dress in the other series. 

    Cadets also participate in special cruises aboard training vessels, where they learn how to operate a real starship. Different starships are designated as training vessels, and the cadets work alongside the regular crew.

    Children on starships weren’t really seen before the TNG era, but they seem to be fairly common from then on. It probably depends on the size of the ship and the availability of appropriately sized family living quarters. Crewmembers seem to be comfortable with bringing their families along on missions, but a child alone would probably not be a good idea.

  5. e-brit asked: Is it okay to have a child Oc of a main character? And if so what would be your big no no in terms of appearance and over relationships with other characters because when I read fanfiction and lot of the bridge crew tend to be the Aunt or Uncle of child child and closeness to the parent is that a good thing?

    Normally I really, really don’t recommend it. It’s best to stay away from making your OCs related to any canon characters at all. Why not give them unique families of their own?

    In terms of appearance… I would just refrain from making them look completely out of the ordinary for their species, or in terms of Starfleet personnel, anything that looks unprofessional.

  6. Anonymous asked: The Ensign Sue comic irritates me, lol. I'm happy I don't have an OC's. I wonder what people think when they see the comic, hate her and their OC is so much similar? (Not that there's anything wrong with a Sue) :D

    B-but I love Ensign Sue!

    The whole point of the comic is to parody the idea of Mary Sues!

    And having OCs can be loads of fun! You can write stories with them, roleplay with them, make art of them, listen to their voices in your head… UH I MEAN. Yeahhhh… >_>;

    The point is, making characters is awesome, even though we all make mistakes sometimes! That’s part of the process, and we learn to do better in the future!

  7. Anonymous asked: Probably not funny, but I couldn't help bur rotfl at the ANON about an OC wearing the fatshirt. I mean, not even Archer looked as good as Kirk.

    Damn straight.

  8. Anonymous asked: Gorn anon again. I had thought that the Ocampan, Ojoan, perhaps, was part of a station in the Delta quadrant researching the Borg, and of course, with working in that area, the station was destroyed and the survivnig crew assigned to a federation ship, eventually, finding out the captain of the ship was planning treason and she was re-re-assigned. The Gorn captain was brought into federation custody when found around the age of fifteen on a pirate vessel, eventually being put in starfleet. Bluh.

    I really don’t know what to say to all this, honestly. Like I said before, I’m not very well-versed in Voyager, so I’m drawing a blank when it comes to the Ocampan. All of this really reeks of “tragic backstory,” though. Maybe I’m just missing something because I don’t know the whole story and all of the details, but it looks like you’re just being overly dramatic for the sake of being dramatic.

  9. Anonymous asked: Haha! So I was raised on Star Trek, and the other day my father brings down this file folder with "LUTENANT {name}" scrawled on it with crayon, and it was FILLED with drawings and stories I'd written when I was a little kid about myself and characters in Star Trek universe, and I know I was little but I should be crowned "queen of Mary Sues" because hella someone needed to stop me they were so cute and so bad. My favorite one was 8, like me at the time, and ended up as captain somehow xD

    OMQ that is PRECIOUS.

  10. Anonymous asked: Which ensign sue comic do you love most? I like the first personally

    I love them all equally!!!!!

  11. Anonymous asked: I have an OC who's and Android, but she has no connection with the Soong family at all. She started out as human, and was killed or something that turning her into an android would save her life. It sounds ridiculous yeah, but do you know any ways this could happen? Any helpful tips.

    I honestly don’t know how that could happen. :U

    Unless they were SOMEHOW able to upload her consciousness to the new android body before she died, I don’t see how that’s at all possible.